Perfect Roulette System

Play Roulette and Win every time- Guaranteed!!!

Why should you use a system?

If you compare the game of Roulette, with little to no skill involved, to the strategic games of Poker or Blackjack, you will see that the player makes decisions based on the risk he is willing to take; the Roulette player can, for example, place a chip on a straight up number and will receive, in the event he wins, 35 times his original bet, thumb upor the same player can spread his risk and his chips on a combination of bets like a corner bet and a six line bet, but here the return of the bet will be smaller, 8 times the initial bet in the case of the corner bet and 6 times the initial bet in the case of the six line bet.

At its basics, the Roulette will appeal to the casino player who likes this kind of table games but doesn’t want to employ very complex betting strategies and systems in his/her efforts to win some money and beat the house every time. is here to help you improve and become an excellent Roulette player.

The system explained

I would like to present here a special system that you can use to aid your roulette game: just always play European Roulette. Don’t worry, you don’t need any special skills in Roulette in order to use the following system. You just need to make a simple bet on red/ black or even/odd in order to exponentially increase your winnings.


The system is very, very simple: always bet onred/ black or even/odds. If you lose, then just bet double that amount in the next round with the condition that you keep your initial bet choice: this means that if you had originally bet $1 on black in the first round and the ball landed on red, then in the next one you would wager $2 on black. If red wins again, bet $4 in the following round and if this time the ball lands on black you will be winning $8 and that not only covers the $7 you lost so far but it also means that you now have a profit of $1.

Video: The Perfect Roulette System Explained

If you want to continue playing, you should choose another color – in our example, red. Change the color after every time you win in order to maximize your winnings.

This system is a betting strategy and a wonderful tool, which when used properly can earn you considerable profits on roulette games. The system is a unique concept, without miraculous software, magic formulas, predictions of the future, or paranormal information: it is a concept based on mathematical logic. With the knowledge I have today, I consider myself more fortunate than many other roulette players, who haven’t yet discovered this system. Luck comes in the form of opportunities and I recognized this money making opportunity.

As you see, the technique is easy and can be used even by those with very little roulette experience. However, it’s important – if you want to do this as your day job – to register at one or more online casinos that offer the „play money” option and get a good amount of practice before you start gambling your real money.

This system addresses all roulette players who want to analyze, implement and follow a successful model. To reach successful levels, you have to take every step gradually, seriously and in a disciplined manner.

The system can be used in any type of casino (classic, online), but the formulas are designed only for European Roulette (single zero roulette).

dollar houseThe most important benefit for a player successfully using this system is of course the financial one; with no investment other that the money meant to be played, you can win as much as $500/day.

This system has its origins in 17th-century France, so you can imagine that it is well-tested and has made a lot of roulette players happy since it was invented.

Using this system, you can start a profitable business, thereby ensuring a steady income for you and your family; all you have to do is strictly follow the rules.This system is not a weapon to destroy the casino; it is mainly a tool that will help you consistently earn a percentage from the huge online casinos profits.

The winners are those players who make a monthly income between $5.000 – $10. 000 (or more) using this system.

Important Tips

As you well know the European Roulette also has, beside red/black slots with even/odd numbers, a green slot marked with zero (0). In this case if the ball falls on zero (0), then you have to consider this like rolling the wrong color. So if you bet on red, then think of the zero like rolling on black. Always start with the lowest betting amount – I recommend $1. Once you start winning amounts such as $100 or $200, you can start betting more than $1 to begin with.

Most important: If you have won $500 or more, stop playing! Otherwise you will start to draw unwanted attention to yourself, and most certainly you will get your account limited or closed.

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If you want to continue playing, then do so at another online casino. Choose one from the list above and play there. You should also take a break from playing for at least 24 hours when you have won more than a few hundred dollars, otherwise you risk having your player account closed. Most online casinos keep track of their player’s activity by using special software to monitor cheating and automatically lock suspicious accounts.

By the way, you should also never use this system in a land based casino. Casino management will notice and in the USA, you can even be reported to the police for it.Be sure to always open new player accounts in various online casinos so you will be able to continue winning!